Thursday, May 16, 2019

5th Grade Newsletter-May 15, 2019

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that this is the last newsletter for the year.
Only 4-½ school days left!  Our Great Americans Program exceeded
our expectations.  The students performed better than expected, and
their chosen characters were inspiring.  Thank you for supporting your
child in coming up with a costume, helping with their lines, and attending
this event.

In our school assembly this morning (Wednesday) we recognized
twenty of our students who achieved the Patriot Award.  They
each received a beautiful plaque.  We are really proud of them for
working hard on this United States of America challenge.  

We presented the Reading Revolution certificates on Monday, and
throughout this week students will be reaping the rewards of their
reading efforts--starting today with the Judicial and Freedom
awards (ice cream sundae party, and pizza party).  Tomorrow is our
Congressional award (movie/popcorn), and Friday is the Executive
award (Breakfast in the Park).  Again, we are proud of those students
who did the work to make this happen.  If any of you would like to
help cook breakfast or chaperone students on Friday morning at the
West Canyon Park, let your child’s teacher know.  We plan to ride the
bus to the park and walk home by 11:00 AM.  
All missing work must be turned in by this Friday, May 17th, in order
to attend our next Worker’s Holiday on Monday-which is our Tent Day.  
Here are a few details you need to know for Tent Day. Students are
responsible for their own tent-if they bring one.  No electronic devices
will be allowed, and all tent doors must be visible and accessible by the
teachers. We expect appropriate behavior so that every student can have a
positive experience.

Thank you again, for being informed supportive parents. We love these students
and wish them the very best as they move on to middle school.  Thank you for
sharing them with us this year!

Mrs. Payne, Mr. Sahagun, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little


Wednesday, May 15- School Awards Assembly at 9:00 AM.
May 15- Freedom Award Pizza Party and Book Selection
- Judicial Award (sundaes) in the afternoon
- CMS Open House 5-7 PM (pick up schedules, meet teacher)
- Final newsletter & progress reports
Thursday, May 16    - Congressional Reading Award PM (movie/popcorn)
Friday, May 17         - Executive Reading Award (Breakfast in the Park)
Monday, May 20      - Worker’s Holiday (Tent Day) & Tie-Dyed Shirt Party
Tuesday, May 21 - Field Day/Color Run
Wednesday, May 22- Activity with Mr. Oldroyd, service activity, party.
  Lunch at 11:00, School dismissed at 12:00.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Newsletter

5th Grade Newsletter    
May 1, 2019
Dear Parents,

    Can you believe the end of the year has arrived?  
Where has this year gone? It is really sad that things are
coming to an end.
    Testing has started this week and we ask that students
try to be here every day for the rest of this week and the next.
 If you know your child will be missing any days within the next
two weeks, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can
get their testing made up either before they are gone or schedule
a time when they can test when they come back to school.  
Testing is really hard to make up, so being able to be present
at school, during this time of testing, is most important.
    We want to remind you that the color run donations are due today.
There is also an orchestra concert at 2:00 on Friday, as well.  All
orchestra students will need to remember their instruments that day.
    Students need to be working hard on memorizing their parts for the
Great American program.  We encourage parents to help their child with
memorizing their part, because there is no time to do it at school.  Students
are expected to do this at home and on their own time. Remember that on
Wednesday, May 8th we will be having a costume check.  Students
will need to bring their costume to school that day to show their teacher.  
Our Great American Program will be at 2:00 on Tuesday, May 14th.
    Battle of the Books will be happening on Thursday, May 9th.  
This will take place first thing in the morning.  We can still use some help
with this fun activity, so if there are any parents that would like to come
and help, please let us know ASAP.  
    Reading Revolution book reports (for Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Little’s
classes) and reading journals/records (for Mrs. Payne and Mr. Sahagun’s
classes) are due on Friday, May 10th.  We will not accept them after this
date.  We will be touring the Cedar Middle School on Friday, May 10th,
as well.  A bus will take us to the school and we will be walking back.  
Please make sure your child wears good walking shoes for the walk back.
    We will be tie dying shirts for art class on Friday, May 17th, but we
need all students need to have their white T-shirt to school by Wednesday,
May 15th.  Students can bring a used white shirt or they can purchase one for
this activity.  Your child’s final grade printout for 4th quarter will be handed
out on Wednesday, May 15th, as well. All work will need to be turned in by
Friday, May 17th, in order to qualify for our last Worker’s Holiday, which is tent
day.  More information will be sent home in the next newsletter on this activity.
    Tuesday, May 21st will be our field day and color run.
    Remember that on the last day of school, students will be dismissed at
12:00 and not 1:30.
    Thank you so much for all the help you have given us this year.  We appreciate it.
                                                              Mrs. Little, Mrs. Payne,
                                                              Mrs. Williams and Mr. Sahagun
    5th Grade Calendar
Wed., May 1-Blog up-date and grades
Thurs., May 2- TESTING (morning)               
Fri., May 3-TESTING (morning)
                  Orchestra Program @ 2:00
Mon., May 6-TESTING (morning)
Tues., May 7-TESTING (morning)
Wed., May 8-Costume check (Bring Famous American costume to school)
Thurs., May 9-Battle of the Books (We could use some parent helpers AM)
                         Program practice in the afternoon.
Fri., May 10-Last day for BOOK REPORTS or JOURNAL(Payne)
                   Middle School Tour in the morning (We walk back)
        Program practice in the afternoon
Mon., May 13-Program practice in the morning
Tues., May 14-GREAT AMERICAN PROGRAM (10:00-school/ 2:00-Parents)
                        WEAR COSTUME TO SCHOOL.
Wed., May 15-Judicial Reading Award (sundaes) in the afternoon
                      FINAL Blog up-date and grades
                      MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE 5-7 PM(pick up 6th grade schedule)
Thurs., May 16-Congressional Reading Award PM (movie/popcorn)
Fri., May 17- Executive Reading Reward AM (Breakfast in the Park)     
Mon., May 20-Worker’s Holiday (Tent Day)
Tues., May 22--Field Day/Color Run

Wed., May 22--Last day of school/ Dismissal at 12:00

Monday, March 4, 2019

  March 4, 2017
6- ALL missing work due to earn Worker’s Holiday
7- Worker’s Holiday-swimming at the Aquatic Center
($1 per student)
8- South Elementary Talent Show
8- End of 3rd Term
11-12- No school (Teacher work days)
14- Chemistry Challenge at SUU
15- Spring Pictures
18- Newsies musical/play at Randall Jones Theater
($1 per student) (We’ll walk there and back)
2- Science Expo   

Worker’s Holiday will be held at the Aquatic
Center this Thursday,  March 7.   All assignments
must be turned in by Wednesday morning, March 6.  
We will ride buses to and from, and will swim from
1-2:30 PM. If any parents would like to help, we could
use four chaperones who are willing to get in the water
with the students.  Please let us know.
Also, we need you to sign the slip giving your child
permission to attend the Worker’s Holiday (providing s/he
has all assignments turned in and has an 80% or above)
and return it by Wed, March 6.  We are asking for a $1.00
donation each to cover the cost of renting the pool. Thanks!

American Heros were selected last Friday. Students were
given a report form to fill out. The reports are due this Friday,
March 8.  We are using that information to write the script for
our 5th grade program held in May, so it is critical to have the
report turned in on time. The music teachers are helping teach
the songs for that program, and the art teacher will be teaching
our students to sketch a portrait of their hero.  It will be an
impressive production.

Science Expo forms included with your information today
are due by Fri. March 15.  Knowing your child’s plans helps us
prepare our classroom for this big event, and it helps your child
prepare ahead ;)  We are eager to see the experiments, inventions,
and research projects our students will be sharing.  Don’t waste
time getting started because most projects take a bit of time to do
well.  Students will be given information in their science classes on
how to set up displays and/or share what they have learned.  
The Science Expo itself will be held on Tuesday, April 2  
in each 5th grade classroom. Students will be giving a 3-5 minute presentation during the morning in their own classrooms.   Families are
invited to come between 2:45-3:30. Please don’t take  your child
home before 3:30.  Let us know if you have questions.

We are excited to attend the student performance of Newsies
on Monday, March 18.  The cost for this performance is $1.00.
We will be walking to and from the Randall Jones Theater for this
10 AM performance. All students will attend this.

No school next Monday and Tuesday. This is a Teacher
Development day.   Enjoy your family this long weekend and we
will see your child on Wednesday, March 13th.   Please don’t
hesitate to email us with your questions.
 Mrs.Williams, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Little, & Mr. Sahagun

  • The first printout for 4th term will be sent on Wed., March 27.

P.S.  Our school web page has just been updated. We are sending a hard copy of our newsletter this time, just in case anyone has trouble logging in.  However, our blogs should be attached to the web page now.