Wednesday, October 11, 2017

5th Grade Newsletter
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Thurs., Oct. 12 - Picture retakes
Fri., Oct. 13- All missing work from 1st quarter due
Mon., Oct. 16- Worker’s Holiday
Tues., Oct. 17- Volcano Day @ 2:30
Fri., Oct. 20- First DARE lesson
Mon., Oct. 23- NO school..Harvest Holiday
Wed., Nov.1- next newsletter/grade report
Fri.,Nov. 3-  Reflections are due
Fri., Nov. 10- Sing at the Veteran’s Memorial
Tues., Nov. 21- Maturation programs @ 2:00
Wed.-Fri., Nov 22-24- NO school..Thanksgiving Holiday
Thank you so much for meeting with us last week.  You have wonderful children, and we think you are pretty great parents as well. We have reached the end of 1st term.  Wow!!    All missing work is due Friday in order to earn Worker’s Holiday. Please go to PowerSchool and check your child’s grades.  We have sent category totals with all missing assignments listed on it(if your child has anything missing).  Worker’s Holiday will be on Monday, Oct. 16.  We will have a Read-A-Thon in the afternoon.  Students may wear PJ’s, if they would like and bring a blanket or pillow, a few healthy snacks (NO drinks), and of course a book or books to READ.  Students not earning the activity will work in another room to work on missing assignments.
Picture retakes will be tomorrow, Oct. 12.
You are invited to come have a BLAST with us as we explode our volcanoes next Tues., at 2:30 on the south playground.  Please do NOT park in the bus loading zone. You may  park on 500 S. behind the playground, or in the parking lot.  Exploded volcanoes may not come back in the school, so students need to take them home or take them around to the dumpster at the north end of the school.
We are excited that the DARE program will begin again in Cedar City. Our students will have Officer Taylor come in to teach ten lessons to each class during the next few months.  Our first lesson will be next Friday, Oct. 20. He will come each Friday until Thanksgiving, and then he will come on Mondays for the remaining five lessons.
Remember that we do not have school Mon., Oct. 23.
Reflections entries are due on Fri., Nov. 3.  You can get rules and entry forms at  The entry must include the “artist’s statement”.  The theme is “Within Reach”.
We will be singing at the Veteran’s Memorial on Fri., Nov. 10. More information will be sent in our Nov. 1 newsletter.
The fifth grade Maturation Programs will be on Tues., Nov. 21 @ 2:00.  The boys are in the gym and the girls are in the library.  We hope that a parent will be able to attend with each child, however a child may attend without a parent.  We DO need a permission slip returned in order for your child to attend.  Most of you signed that at our conferences.
Please feel welcome to email, call, or come in anytime with your concerns.  The next newsletter will be posted on Wed., Nov.1.
                                             Thank you,
Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little, & Mrs. Payne
*****Please sign the verification slip that your child brought home and return it to school.*****

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

5th Grade Newsletter
September 27, 2017

October 2-6 SEP Week (out at 2:30 each day)
       October 11 next printout/newslette
October 13 End of 1st Term
October 17 Volcano Explosion Day
October 23 FALL BREAK (no school)
November 3 Reflections Entries Due

READING:  We hope you are still encouraging your child to read every day at home.  We’ve had questions about how many pages constitutes a book for our Reading Revolution, so this is the breakdown:  120-299 pages=one book; 300 pages=two books; 500 pages=three books; 700 pages=four books.  These are general breakdowns, so talk to us if you have questions. We’re happy to make adjustments when needed.  Informational books can be shorter (usually harder reading, smaller words).
SEP’s:  We still need to hear back from some of you regarding our meeting time. Please look at the form we sent home and return it as soon as possible (maybe it’s still in a backpack :). Let us know if we need to adjust the time.  

VOLCANO EXPLOSION DAY:  This activity will end our Volcano Unit with a blast. A letter of explanation will be given out at parent conferences..  Please read and discuss it with your child.  

REFLECTION CONTEST:  The theme is “Within Reach”, and the deadline is
November 3.  We encourage all students to enter.  You can contact this email with questions (, and you can pick up an info/rules sheet in the office.

If possible, can you send in earbuds or headphones for your child.  We have new chromebooks, but not headphones (yet). It would be good to label a baggie with your student’s name to put them in, and then just keep them in their desks.  Please don’t feel like you need to go and buy new ones, but if you have some that you can send to school, that would be great.
We had a great time on our field trip yesterday.  All went well, and your children were well-behaved.  We look forward to seeing you and your child at SEP Conferences next week.  
Thanks for your continual support in your child’s education!  

--Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Williams

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 13, 2017


    We hope that your children are feeling more and more comfortable getting to know their daily schedule and knowing what is expected of them in 5th grade.  We are seeing more follow through with reading journals and math homework as we dive deeper into this first quarter, so thank you for your help at home.  If you haven’t signed the electronic forms for the Safe Schools Policy and Computer Use, please do that as soon as you can.  Students will be given credit for your signature on both of those items.
    If you are struggling at all with power school, please get hold of Mrs. Griffiths in the front office.  It is very important that you are able to view your child’s grades weekly, if not daily.  If you don’t have computer access at home, please let your child’s teacher know, so she can print a copy of your child’s grades and newsletter for you, every other week.
    Orchestra students will need to start bringing their instruments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you have a child in orchestra, please make sure they have their name on their case and that they talk with their regular classroom teacher on where they can keep their instruments, when they are at school.
    School pictures will be tomorrow, September 14th, so please remember to send your packet and money in with your child, if you plan on purchasing any pictures.  Students will be required to have their picture taken, whether you are purchasing them or not (for the yearbook).
    We will be having our first Worker’s Holiday on Monday, September 18th.  Students will need to have all of their assignments turned into their teacher, with an 80% or better, in order to qualify for this activity.  All work will be due on Friday, September 15th.  We will have a kickball tournament on Monday afternoon, for this activity.    An SEP schedule will be sent home with your child on Monday, September 18th, as well.  Please let your child’s teacher know if you can make the time she has scheduled for you by marking, “yes, I can make this time”.  If you can’t make the scheduled time, please fill your name in a blank spot that is available that you can meet.  SEP’s will be the week of October 2nd through the 6th.  School will end at 2:30 every day this week, even on Wednesday.
    Our field trip to Mammoth Cave is coming up, on Tuesday, September 26th.  We do have plenty of parents to help us with this, so if you wanted to chaperone, but have not spoken to us, we will have to ask you to help with the next field trip (sorry!).  We do appreciate your help.  Students will need to make sure they are prepared for hiking and exploring a cave.  Make sure that your child wears good shoes, long pants, and an extra sweat shirt or jacket.  Students will also need to bring with them a flashlight or head lamp, and a few water bottles.  The students will be doing a lot of hiking, so they will need to stay hydrated.
    Our next newsletter will be posted on Wednesday, September 27th.  
    Thank you so much for your help and support at home, it is very helpful to us.

                                                                          Mrs. Little, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Williams

Please sign, and send with your child, the verification form stating that you have read this blog.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to School !

Hi parents,

       I enjoyed seeing you at Back-to-School Night, but I regret not being able to talk to all of you. I hope I can do that soon.  I feel that if I'm going to spend the next nine months with your child, then I should definitely spend a few minutes getting to know you!
       There were a few things that I forgot to discuss with you last Thursday, so I want to make you aware of them now:

1.  Homework Tracker
        On Mondays I will help students fill out a weekly calendar, and they can add assignments as they need to throughout the week. This calendar will stay in their Homework Folder (the heavy-duty one that goes back and forth to school with them).  I would like you to initial/sign this calendar before it is returned to me each Monday morning.  These calendars will remind them (and you) of upcoming activities and homework assignments.

2.  Genius Hour
       I explained what my plans were at Back-to-School Night, but in order to establish procedures and work out the kinks this first session, I have decided to limit our first Genius Hour segment to a science topic. Specifically, Earth Science.  That includes tectonic plates, weather, erosion, uplift, ocean, landforms, earthquakes, volcanoes-- anything geology.  I will discuss with your child at school, but I wanted you to know, in case you were already brainstorming ideas at home.

3.  Solar Eclipse
       I have eclipse glasses (donated by SUU) for each of your children so that they can safely view the eclipse on August 21.  We will research the solar eclipse online, then we'll view it as a class at 11:20 on the 21st.  I am concerned about eye safety, and will take every precaution that students are informed, prepared, and follow the rules.  If you'd like to drop by, you are welcome.

4.  Chromebooks-Thanks to the businesses of the community, and the PTA for making this happen!
Math reinforcement activities
Science data (latest earthquakes/volcanoes, etc)
Writing & editing essays                                          
World Book Online
Dictionary/word usage
State Report Research & Presentation
Keyboarding skills
Genius Hour
...and much more

        Thanks again for attending Back-to-School Night. I am committed to helping your child feel safe at school, to reach a little higher, and to love learning.  Feel free to voice your concerns or questions. Email is best for me during school hours, but you can call my cell before or after school. 
                                   Jeanne Payne-  435-590-4755 (cell)   435-586-2850 (school)


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5th Grade Newsletter
                                          May 10, 2017
This will be the last newsletter and progress report that will be sent home this year.  SAGE testing is over, thankfully, so we can focus on some last minute math concepts students need to know before they enter 6th grade; and of course, we’ll do some really fun activities!  Please look at the list of events and note the changes we have made.  

May 10, Wednesday- Costume Check (all students bring their costumes for our
American Hero Program).Bring it Thursday, If you forgot today.
May 11, Thursday - Battle of the Books competitions 9-11 AM (hopefully, all our
teams are prepared to battle).
May 12, Friday-    Last day to turn in book reports or response journals
May 15, Monday- Reading Revolution Awards announced
May 15, Monday- Bring a white or light colored t-shirt, used or new
May 16, Tuesday- AMERICAN HEROES PROGRAM (10:00 for school, 2:00 for parents) Please have students come dressed in their costumes.
May 17, Wednesday-Last day to turn in ALL missing work
May 17, Wednesday-Judicial Award (ice cream party)
MAY 17, Middle School Open House--6:00-7:30
May 18, Thursday-Congressional Award (movie and popcorn)
*May 19, Friday-   Worker’s Holiday-TENT DAY(10:30-3:30)
*May 22, Monday, Executive Award (Breakfast in the park) Students will be leaving the school by bus at 8:50, and walking back to the school from the park after breakfast.
May 22,  Monday,  State Reports (Mrs. Payne’s class)
May 23,  Tuesday, Field Day (held at South Elementary)
May 23,  Tuesday, “Art Looks Good on Me” activity with Mrs. Davis
May 24,  Wednesday, Last day of school, school dismissed at 1:30 PM

     *Note the change in dates of these events.
          For Tent Day students need to be able to set up and take down their own tents, unless you want to come and help them. Tents may be set up before 8:50 or at 10:30. Students should bring activities and games for the day. There is no Wi-Fi. Most students indicated they would be bringing a home lunch, so don't forget that. Those who ordered a school lunch will be going into the building to eat. We will take the tents down at about 3:10.
We would like students to bring a t-shirt (white or light colored, used or new) by May 15th, that can be tie-dyed for our Art Looks Good on Me activity with Mrs. Davis.
Please look for any library books or other school books that need to be returned to school. Students will also need to turn in their recorders. Students will need to return or pay for these items in order to receive their yearbooks and promotion cards.
Parents, we know this looks like a lot-and we agree, so please email us with your concerns or questions.  We talk about these activities in class,, but we know that sometimes info doesn’t make it home the way we explained it.  

This has been an amazing year, and it will be hard to say goodbye to these students. You have been supportive parents, and we can’t ask for more than that.  
Thank you for sharing your children with us this school year!

         Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Williams      

Thursday, April 27, 2017


    We hope you all enjoyed your spring break.  It was so nice to take a week off this time of year to take a breather for a minute and be ready for all the events coming up in the next month.
    All fifth graders will start their SAGE testing tomorrow.  We will start off with the writing and reading tests.  Please refer to the schedule at the end of this letter for upcoming events and for other testing dates, so that you can make sure your child is here on those important testing days.
     An event coming up quick is the Kite Flight, which is this Saturday, April 29th.  Students can drop off their Kite Flight reading forms between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  When students hand in their forms they can earn a free kite or book, and help our school earn money.  It is so easy and well worth it.  I know fifth graders sometimes feel cheated because they are moving onto a different school and won’t see the benefits of what the money is used towards, but what they need to realize is they helped contribute to such a great cause, and they should be proud to be a part of that, especially when they are required to read each night anyway; why not get a little something extra out of it?  
     The Color Run is another event coming right up, on Wednesday, May 3rd.  Students need to make sure and wear a white or light colored shirt that they can get really dirty and colorful.  Sun glasses will be sold at school on May 1st and 2nd for this event, if students want to purchase a pair.  They are selling them for $2.00.  
     The fifth grade Orchestra students will be having a short Orchestra concert on Friday, May 5th.  This will be at 1:30, in the Gym.  
     The last newsletter for fourth quarter will be on Wednesday, May 10th.  We will  have costume checks on this day, as well.  Students need to bring their costumes to school this day, not wear them.  Please make sure your child is memorizing his/her part for the Famous American program.  
    Please go over what is coming up in the next few weeks with your child.  
    Thank you.

                                                             Mrs. Little, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Williams

Fri., Apr. 28--MRS. WILLIAMS & MRS. LITTLE TESTING 9-11 and
                     Reading Celebration--5th grade 12:45-1:30
Mon., May 1--MRS. PAYNE TESTING 9-11 and
                      MRS. WILLIAMS & MRS.  LITTLE TESTING 12:40-2:30
Tues., May 2--MRS. WILLIAMS & MRS. LITTLE TESTING 9-11 and
                      MRS. PAYNE TESTING 11-1:30 (They will get lunch.)
                     Color Run for Chromebooks 1:00-1:30
Thurs., May 4--MRS. WILLIAMS & MRS. LITTLE TESTING 9-11 and
                        MRS. PAYNE TESTING 11-1:30 (They will get lunch.)
Fri., May 5--MRS. PAYNE TESTING 9-11 and
                   Orchestra Concert 1:30
Mon. May 8--MRS. PAYNE TESTING 9-11 and
                                    MRS. WILLIAMS & MRS.  LITTLE TESTING 12:40-2:30
Tues., May 9--MRS. PAYNE TESTING 9-11
Wed., May 10--newsletter/grades sent home and *****BRING YOUR FAMOUS AMERICAN COSTUME TO SCHOOL FOR COSTUME CHECK.
Thurs., May 11--Battle of the Books 9-11
Tues., May 16--Great American program 2:00 (10:00 for the school)
Wed., May 17--Judicial Award--Sundae Party
Thurs., May 18--Congressional Award--Movie-Popcorn Party
Fri., May 19--Executive Award--Breakfast in the Park
Mon., May 22--last Worker’s Holiday--TENT DAY
Tues., May 23--Field Day
Wed., May 24--Last day of school.  Out at 1:30.