Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 2011

Hopefully, you all received the newsletter/permission slip and progress report that just went home.
This needs to be returned promptly, so that your child can participate in the final Worker's Holiday for 3rd Term, swimming at SUU's pool this Friday.  SUU was kind enough to open their pool for us, even though it is their spring break.  They also gave us a $2.00 deal, and since we can walk, we won't need to pay for a bus.

How is the science fair project coming?  I've tried to lighten the homework load, so students
have time to get this done without a lot of stress.  They should have their project planned by now.
Only one week to go.   We've been working on Circuit Cities in our classroom, to culminate our unit on current electricity.   Thanks to Mr. Seamons (Ryan's dad), for spending time soldering wires, and helping groups solve connection problems.  It's been great having an expert come in!  We'll share these at the science fair on the 25th.

Have you tried accessing math assignments online?

Battle of the Books competition is coming in May.  Keep reading!                                  
Spelling Bee is also around the corner in April.  More information will come home.  The PTA is in charge of this, and it should be a challenging experience for those who love to spell.

It has been thrilling for me to see the personalities of these students emerge.  I love their enthusiasm, their growing confidence, and their sense of humor.   I also enjoyed visiting (though briefly) with you at SEP's. 

Did you hear that Tia's and Dream's Grandpa Weaver was nominated as Volunteer of the Year?
I appreciate all those who volunteer in our classroom.  You make my work easier.  Thanks for sharing your children with me!

---Jeanne Payne

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