Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 2014

Here's what's coming up...

      Friday (tomorrow), swimming at the Aquatic Center.  We'll catch a bus ride there at 8:50, swim for a couple of hours, then walk back.  Students need to dress warmly, because they will likely have wet hair.
      A few concerns:  I have several students who don't turn their work in on time, so they accumulate a long list of missing assignments.  When they try to turn them all in on the day of the deadline, most of those assignments are not worth many points.  Some are so late, they are worth almost nothing.  Today I had some very disappointed students who turned in all their late work, thinking they could go swimming, only to discover that their percentages were too low.   As badly as I feel about this, I have to be fair.

    Our next (and last) Worker's Holiday is in May.  It will be our annual Tent Day.  To encourage students to get their work in on time, assignments will be worth only one point if they are more than two weeks late.  I have given this a lot of thought, and I think it is more than fair. 

     Next Monday, March 17,  we will meet in my classroom at 7:30 PM to prepare to perform our harmonicas.  I understand that some students will not be able to attend this.
I don't require that they be here, but I will give 30 points to all students who do.   In fact, any student who performs at all (with our class or by themselves) will receive extra credit points.   The PTA has some really fun activities planned, so I hope you will put this on your

     Friday, 21st students will present all their projects.  Those students (from all 5th grades) who are writing research papers will meet in my classroom and share their research, while the others meet in the gym.   The research paper can be on any topic, including animals, plants, rocks, electricity, space, etc. 

A few other things...

Brandon Mull will visit our school on Monday.  Exciting!
Kamree and Ashlyn will represent our class at the SUU Chemistry Competition on March 18th.  We'll let you know how that goes.  

     Parents, I truly love your children!  I want the best for them--all of them.  I think about their struggles and how I can help them.   I am thrilled over their successes.
     Thanks for sharing them with me this year.

     --Jeanne Payne

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