Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

Coming Up in the 5th Grade...

January 20--Math Tutor begins
     We know some of you have been patiently waiting for this to happen.  The tutor will be in the library 3:30-4:00 PM, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  This tutor will help 3rd-5th graders catch up or learn math concepts.  We hope you take advantage of this if your child needs extra help.     Important:  students must be on their best behavior, and they must be picked up promptly at 4:00.  If you want your child to take advantage of this, please let me know.

January 23, Friday--Language Arts Interim Test (Practice Test)
     These tests help us see what we still need to teach before the "real" ones coming up.  They also help students know how to manipulate the computer icons as well as get a feel for the SAGE tests.  Thanks for sending headphones for the testing.

January 25--Students may begin recording their reading minutes for the Lion's Kite Flight for      Reading.  Look for the sheet coming home with the progress report.  Students can bring their reading charts to the kite festival, where they will exchange their chart for a kite, book, or movie pass.  Our school will get money depending on the time students read.

February 4th--Begin Harmonicas (Mrs. Payne's class)
     If you would like to buy a harmonica for your child to own, s/he can bring $4.50 and buy a harmonica from me.  My harmonicas are very basic, beginner instruments.  If you want a higher quality one, you can purchase one at a music store (or online).   If you choose to buy one from another source, make sure it is in the KEY OF C.   If you do not wish to buy one, your child may borrow a harmonica from me.  It will be a used one from previous years, but cleaned and sanitized.

February 12 (Thursday)--SAGE WRITING TEST--the real thing!
February 16 (Monday)--President's Day--no school
February 19 (Thursday)--SAGE WRITING TEST-the real thing!

February 20 (Friday)--School Spelling Bee, 2:30 PM for 3rd-5th grades (2:00, 1st-2nd).
    A list of words was sent home with the progress reports today.

March 10 (Tuesday)--"You Be the Chemist" competition at SUU.  We will send one team of six students from our 5th grades to compete.  Any students interested in taking the qualifying exam may do that.

March 13 (Friday)--3rd Term Ends
April 25--Lion's Kite Flight for Reading

Thanks for encouraging your child to read at home.  My students have surprised me and taken off in a big way!  Our chart is getting full of stickers, and I am so proud of all of them.

Remember to sign the gold verification slip and send it back to school as soon as you can.  I appreciate your support, your offers to help, and your communication over the needs of your child.  We are in this together!

                                                        Sincerely, Mrs. Payne

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