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May 2015

APRIL 29, 2015  5th Grade Newsletter

  Calendar for May:

April 30--Reading/LArts End of Level Test (Mrs. Payne's class)
1--Reading Celebration.  Sponsored by our wonderful PTA and held during school.
5--Mrs. Payne’s class takes the 1st session of the Language Arts End of Level test.
6--Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Little’s classes take the 1st session of the Math test.
5--Orchestra Concert (joined with CMS), 6:00 PM.
6--CMS Open House, 6-8 PM.  We encourage you to take your child, tour the
    school, and meet his/her teacher.
7--Mrs. Payne’s class takes the 2nd session of math test.
8--Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Little’s classes take the 2nd session of the Math test.
8--Battle of the Books.   Parents, we need help running this, from 12:30-2:30.   If you can donate your time, we’d love to have you..  Thanks!  Please contact us right away if you can help from 12:30-2:30,
11--Zion Field Trip.  
       We have plenty of chaperones.  Thanks for volunteering!  Your child needs to bring water, walking shoes, and a home lunch (if applicable).  It may be good to bring a hat or sunscreen.  We will be hiking.  
       If you haven’t already paid $3.00 for the IMAX Theater movie, you can still send that to school.  Thanks!
12--Last day to turn in Reading Revolution Book Reports  (Mrs. Little’s/Williams’
   students)  *No more stickers on the chart!
12--Last day to turn in Reading Response Journals (Mrs. Payne’s students)
    *No more stickers on the chart!
12--Present State Reports (Mrs. Payne’s class)
14--Judicial Award (ice cream sundaes)
14--Orchestra Concert, 1:00 PM.  We are excited to see our 5th graders perform!
15--Costume Check for Great American Heroes Program.  Please bring costumes so we can make sure you are ready to go on stage.  If you need help finding a
costume, let us know and we’ll see if we can help.   Students need to have their
parts memorized.  They received scripts on April 29.
15--Congressional Award (Movie & Popcorn).
18--Presidential Award  (Breakfast in the Park)  *We will ride the bus to the Canyon Park @ 9:00, eat breakfast, play, then walk back by 11:30..  
19--Great American Heroes Program,  10:00 (K-3) and 2:00 (4/Parents).   You can
    take your child home afterwards.  
20--Mrs. Smith (school secretary) is retiring.  An open house will be held in her honor in the school library 2-4 PM.  You are welcome to drop in.
21--Track Meet (Field Day) at CHS track.   This will last most of the day.
22--Last Day of School

Whew!  Can you believe this schedule?   We’ll continue to squeeze in reading, writing, and arithmetic, especially since we have more high stakes testing ahead of us.  We are still in major review mode, and we really appreciate your child being in school every day.  Once this testing is over, our learning takes on a different shape..  A little more relaxed and a little more fun.  Yay!   

Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Little’s students are writing an ABC Book, and Mrs. Payne’s class is working on State Reports.  These reports will be presented on May 12 and 13th.  

The last newsletter will be posted on Wed., May 13.

Your help and support are invaluable to us as teachers.  Thank you for helping us with your child’s education.  We love each one of these 5th grade students!

                        Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Little, and Mrs. Williams

April 30 will be the last day I (Mrs. Payne) will collect Reading Response Journals on a weekly basis. For the next two weeks (or until the 12th of May), students need to hand them in ONLY when they have completed reading a book.  

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