Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015

Here’s the Latest in 5th Grade
November 4, 2015

November 7 (Saturday) -Hope of America program, Cedar City’s birthday
If you signed up your child to perform in this event, you need to
take him/her to Cedar High School at 4:45 PM so they can practice all
together. Students should wear a red, white , or blue shirt. The
                     performance begins at 6:00 PM in the CHS auditorium.
This should be an inspiring production.  We hope you can attend.
November 18 (Wednesday)-Book Orders are due. If you want to give these books for Christmas gifts, let me know and I can save them for you to pick up.
November 25-27 (W-F)- Thanksgiving Holiday

Science:  Our volcano explosions were exciting to watch.  Thanks for helping your child with this assignment.  We have officially ended our Earth Science unit, and are learning about chemical and physical changes.  This is a popular unit of explorations and explosions, as we play with chemicals and other substances.

Social Studies:  We are coming to a close in our American Revolution Unit, and will be learning about our US Government and Constitution. We will celebrate winning the Revolutionary War by watching the video, Johnny Tremain, and eating cornbread.  

SAGE Formative Testing: We just finished taking the Reading and Writing tests. These tests will tell us what our students still need to learn this year, and will guide our instruction in the coming months. My students had to take the writing test twice!  They took the wrong test (not their fault), so they took it again in the afternoon. Mrs. Marriott (the administrator) felt especially bad, but my students were very forgiving. They are great kids!

Language Arts: No spelling lists for the few weeks. We have begun a Poetry Unit, and we’re learning some high school content, and learning to write poetry. Fun unit!
Reading: Students should be reading at least 30 minutes every day at home. Thanks for monitoring this. They should be writing about their books in their Reading Response Journals.  The journals are due every Wednesday morning.

We have begun a new quarter, so all students should be on top of all their assignments. If they have fallen behind already, please help them catch up. Thanks for supporting me and encouraging your children. They are great kids! (Did I say that already?)  I will be posting my next newsletter update on November 18.
                       Sincerely,  Mrs. Payne

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