Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016

Dear Parents,

     The letter that your child brought home last Wednesday represented all of the 5th grade classes, and was written by Mrs. Williams.  This letter today is from me about my class:)

     I have been enjoying your children, getting to know them and their abilities and interests.  Most of the students have completed their first narrative, a scar story, about themselves. I've enjoyed reading about each of them. We are finishing the last revision, then we'll say goodbye to that project. We will begin a new writing project-another personal narrative. This one will be their choice.

     I have updated PowerSchool, so you should find an accurate accounting of your child's progress. Let me know if you have questions. This is my grading policy: if students hand in work by the due date, they earn full credit. If the assignment is handed in late, points are deducted.  Of course, if s/he is sick, extra time is granted.  I have six students who are missing an assignment that was due two weeks ago. I explained to them that this assignment would be worth only a few points by now, because each day they procrastinate means more points deducted.  I would love it if you had a discussion about this at home.  Since Worker's Holidays are hinged on their progress reports, and late assignments bring down their percentage, some students may not qualify for our first Worker's Holiday coming up in a few weeks.  I would love it if EVERY student earned the right to attend these fun activities.

       If you are interested and able to help in our classroom with math (10:00-10:30), I'd love to have someone come in on Thursdays.  I also could use help on every other Monday (beginning this coming Monday).  Thanks!

     One more concern: I need my students to learn how to type faster, and with correct fingering.  I wish I had the time to teach this in school, but sadly, I can't carve out more than 20 minutes a week for this vital skill.  I would love it if your child could practice a typing program at home. Even a few times a week is helpful. There are many online sites (abcya and Nitrotype are fun ones).  By April they need to type 20-25 wpm in order to complete the essays for the SAGE testing.  Thanks for your support in this!

    Please contact me with your concerns.  I want your children to succeed this year!  
                                                           Jeanne Payne

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