Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to School !

Hi parents,

       I enjoyed seeing you at Back-to-School Night, but I regret not being able to talk to all of you. I hope I can do that soon.  I feel that if I'm going to spend the next nine months with your child, then I should definitely spend a few minutes getting to know you!
       There were a few things that I forgot to discuss with you last Thursday, so I want to make you aware of them now:

1.  Homework Tracker
        On Mondays I will help students fill out a weekly calendar, and they can add assignments as they need to throughout the week. This calendar will stay in their Homework Folder (the heavy-duty one that goes back and forth to school with them).  I would like you to initial/sign this calendar before it is returned to me each Monday morning.  These calendars will remind them (and you) of upcoming activities and homework assignments.

2.  Genius Hour
       I explained what my plans were at Back-to-School Night, but in order to establish procedures and work out the kinks this first session, I have decided to limit our first Genius Hour segment to a science topic. Specifically, Earth Science.  That includes tectonic plates, weather, erosion, uplift, ocean, landforms, earthquakes, volcanoes-- anything geology.  I will discuss with your child at school, but I wanted you to know, in case you were already brainstorming ideas at home.

3.  Solar Eclipse
       I have eclipse glasses (donated by SUU) for each of your children so that they can safely view the eclipse on August 21.  We will research the solar eclipse online, then we'll view it as a class at 11:20 on the 21st.  I am concerned about eye safety, and will take every precaution that students are informed, prepared, and follow the rules.  If you'd like to drop by, you are welcome.

4.  Chromebooks-Thanks to the businesses of the community, and the PTA for making this happen!
Math reinforcement activities
Science data (latest earthquakes/volcanoes, etc)
Writing & editing essays                                          
World Book Online
Dictionary/word usage
State Report Research & Presentation
Keyboarding skills
Genius Hour
...and much more

        Thanks again for attending Back-to-School Night. I am committed to helping your child feel safe at school, to reach a little higher, and to love learning.  Feel free to voice your concerns or questions. Email is best for me during school hours, but you can call my cell before or after school. 
                                   Jeanne Payne-  435-590-4755 (cell)   435-586-2850 (school)


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