Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 2011

Important things to know for November:

     4th--Reflections Contest entries due.  (Thanks for encouraging students in this).
     8th--Pricila's birthday!
    11th--5th Grade Art will be displayed in the Sharwan Smith Center (SUU) for Veteran's Day.
    11th--Interview Questions for the Share Fair are due.  Students will use the information on this form to write the biographical essay about their ancestor.
    13th--Chandler's birthday!
    16th--Thanksgiving dinner for school lunch.  This is on Wednesday instead of Thursday (mistake on the school lunch menu).
    21st--5th Grade Ancestor Share Fair.  This is a big event, and will be held in the gym.  Family and friends are invited to drop in anytime between 2:00 and 3:15.
    23rd-25th--Thanksgiving Holiday

I have a couple of Share Fair displays set up in my classroom, if you'd like to drop by and look at them.
Remember, the only items required on the board are:  map of the country ancestor came from (students can draw or print one),  mode of transportation (sketch or picture),  information about the ancestor (typed or very neatly written),  value or tradition passed down  (religion, music, work ethic, skill, honesty, etc).  Anything else students wish to add to their displays are welcome.  Pictures, interesting facts or stories, artifacts, etc.

Yes, you may help your child.  We hope you will make this a family project.  The one thing we need students to do on their own is to write up the information in their own words. You can share with them the information, but they need to write it their way, using the information they wrote on the interview questionnaire.  We would like to enter these essays in the Sons of the Utah Pioneers Essay Contest in April.  Even though your ancestor may not have lived in Utah, we can still enter them in this contest.  Please call or email if you have questions.

Please encourage your child to practice typing at home.  A few minutes every day would be wonderful.  Thanks.

Because of your children, I am truly enjoying this school year.  Every day I smile all the way home, thinking about things they did and said!  I love getting to know them.
--Jeanne Payne 

PS:  Happy birthday, Pricila and Chandler!

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