Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Happenings

Hi all,
Take a minute and look at the photos of our Ancestor Share Fair at the bottom of this entry.
I sent home a progress report yesterday.  I hope you received that.  
Tomorrow (Friday, 2:30) our school choir and orchestra will perform for the other students.  I'm looking forward to that performance.  It's always fun to see my students shine.

Coming up on the 15th (Thursday), we will walk to the Randall Jones Theater at SUU and watch
"A Christmas Carol".  This will cost each of us $1.00.  We plan to leave the school at 9:15 AM and return in time for lunch.  Please make sure you sign the permission slip that was sent home yesterday.

On Friday 16th we will have a Christmas party in the afternoon (that is, if we earn it, and we're pretty close).  I made a deal with my class that if three students could achieve a perfect score of 30 on
one of their essays (, and 90% of the class could score 24 or higher, we would double the length of the party and really celebrate!  They have been working on revising their essays so that they can increase their score.  Any practice they can get at home would be excellent.

We will begin learning how to play harmonicas in January.  The cost will be approximately $5.00, maybe less if I can find a better deal.  If you want to give one to your child for Christmas, just make sure that it is in the key of C.  You can buy them at the Cedar Music Store, or you can buy one from me later.  If you'd rather not buy one at all, I have a few that I can loan out.

We're learning about geometry now in math, and we're winding up our unit on chemical/physical changes in science.  In social studies we're learning about the War of 1812, the Texas Revolution, and the Mexican War. 

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner.  We're trying to pack a lot into next week.
Thanks for supporting my efforts here at school.  I hope you will contact me with your concerns.
I love my students and want them to be happy, confident, and successful.

Have a relaxing and memorable holiday!
--Jeanne Payne

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