Monday, April 9, 2012

Your Smart Kids

Hi! I am Miss Loveless, your kids' student teacher for the past 6 weeks. Boy, has it been six fun weeks! We measured circles for Pi day, we witnessed the great talents of South Elementary School at Talent Night in March, and much more! I was a glad participant in the Harmonica number at the Talent Night, although most of your wonderful children are better harmonica players than I am. I also watched as these great fifth graders completed and graduated from the D.A.R.E. Program. This program will help them make important choices in the world ahead, and I appreciate all their enthusiasm in it.

Some other things we've done while I was here are as follows: A day without talking (girls won!), learned basic Spanish, mastered beginning Algebra, had a great Worker's Holiday at the Aquatic Center, studied the World Wars, electric Circuit Cities, and seen none other but our own Harvey in the Playmaker's production of Peter Pan! Great Job, Harvey!

I've had a fantastic time getting to know your kids and watching them as they learn and achieve! I know they'll continue to show Mrs. Payne their best work and go the distance to do great things in these last few months.

Some upcoming Events:
- April 12th (this Thursday) we are going to another Musical production at the Heritage Center.
 (wear good walking shoes!
- Rootbeer float UTIPS party: Keep working on those tests! I added a new link for even more tests!
- End of Level Testing begins on April 23 and ends on May 10th.
- Reading Celebration is on May 14. Make sure you earn your ticket! (30 mins, 5 days a week)
- The Kite Flight event will be April 28th at CMS.

Loo for the next Progress Report on Wednesday, April 18th!

Thanks again for the chance to work with your kids. Mrs. Payne and I are very proud of them
-Miss Loveless

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