Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 2012

To the parents of a great bunch of fifth graders,

        I want to say thanks for encouraging your child's typing practice at home.  I know we'll see a difference as they continue to practice. 
         Each week, I will send home a typing sheet attached to the weekly Reading Record.  Students will record the time spent typing, get your signature, and return the slip on Monday, along with their Reading Record.  This will be easier for me to record, and hopefully, students can  remember better and keep track of each record sheet.  Please look for the one sent home for this week.  It is due back on Monday.  (Next week it will be attached the Reading Record).
       Important:  Mr. Oldroyd is asking that you call the office and excuse your child whenever s/he is absent.  In an effort to keep students safe, please call or email before 10:00 AM.  That way, we can make sure that your child is really at home. 

     Here is what's happening in our classroom:

     SOCIAL STUDIES--We finally won the American Revolution and are now studying the three branches of government and the Constitution.  This is timely with the Presidential Election.  Speaking of the election, we cast our votes in our classroom, and Romney won 95% of the votes.  With the news of O'Bama's win, some of the students were worried and one of them asked, "What will happen to us now?"
     This question startled me.  Fifth graders shouldn't have those kinds of worries.  I assured them that we will be OK.  No matter who is president, we still live in the greatest country on earth.   I hope that you will have a discussion about this if your child is concerned.

       SCIENCE-- We are studying physical and chemical changes.  This is an exciting unit where we get to be Mad Scientists mixing chemicals.  We began the unit with a visit from SUU chemistry students, who performed amazing tricks in our classroom with fire and color.  They even set off the fire alarm!

     READING--Our new unit is on Immigration.  The culminating activity will be an Ancestor Share Fair on December 10.  Look for a letter and an Interview Sheet to come home next week with the details.

     LANGUAGE ARTS--Our school purchased a cart of Chrome Books, and we are loving them!
So far, our class is the first to use them.  We are learning how to use Google-docs as we type our latest persuasive paper.    We're continually working to improve our writing skills.

     MATH--This class is a hard working group.  They are willing to stay in the struggle in solving math problems.  I am proud of them!  Thanks for your extra help at home.

     *November 14--Progress Report and letter about Ancestor Share Fair comes home
     *November 20-- Worker's Holiday
     *November 21-23--Thanksgiving Holiday

The most important events of November are the birthdays of  Ethan, Tara, Brinley, and Becca!

          Thanks for your continued support in educating your children.   I truly enjoy each day I spend with them.   Please don't hesitate to contact me.

              --Jeanne Payne      586- 2850  (school)      586-4744  (home)

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