Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 28, 2012

Dear Parents,
       Several of you have asked me questions about the Ancestor Share Fair, so I will try to dispel any confusion.  I am sorry about the dates on the letter that was sent home.  These are the real dates:

Friday, November 30---Ancestor Interview Questionnaire is due.
(I will look at it, check it off, and return it so your child can use the info to type his/her narrative).

Monday, December 10--Ancestor Share Fair Display board is due. 
Students will share this with the class in the morning, then display it in the gym 2:30-3:15.  You are invited to walk through and see all the displays.   The board can be a small or large tri-fold science-fair board that you purchase, or you can fold a nice piece of cardboard yourself.   Just remember that it needs to stand by itself on a table. 

  * On the display board, you will need:
     1.   A typed (or neatly written) narrative about your ancestor.
     2.  Picture or drawing of the county s/he came from.
     3.  Picture or drawing of the mode of transportation that brought him/her to America.
     4.  A tradition or value that has been passed down, such as hard work, religion,
          wood carving,  music, etc.
     5.  Name of the ancestor.  (A photo is not necessary, but you can add one).
     6.  Anything else you'd like to add to make it interesting.

Please help your child gather information about your ancestor, share stories, etc.  Your help is needed, and I hope this will be a good experience for your family.  When it comes to the writing and typing, however, please make sure your child types this in his/her own words.  This is important, because I would like to enter these narratives in the Sons of the Utah Pioneers Essay Contest, and they need to be the work of your child.  For this reason, I am asking that you print two copies--one for the display, and one for the contest.

Tuesday, December 4--Talent Share in music class (with Mrs. Leavitt)

 Friday, December 21--Biography/Autobiography Book Project (share in front of the class)
       Your child should be reading a biography book. I am waiting until the Ancestor Share Fair is over before this new project is due. This should be a do-it-yourself project (whew!).  I am assigning a Box Book Report.   Any box will do--cracker box, shoe box, cereal box.  The outside can be
covered with paper and the "ingredients" of the book written on the outside.  More info will be coming home on this.

        Thanks for sitting down with your child and helping with the essay about living in Cedar City.  Several students told me that their scores went up after you helped them revise.  Every improvement is a good reason to cheer.  Thank you!
I am really trying to boost their writing skills so they can score in the twenties (30 is a perfect score).  I hope you read the letter I sent home regarding this.  We are working toward a class party, and we will celebrate when 75% of the class achieves a score of 24 or higher.  So far, eight students have achieved a high score and others have been steadily improving.  I am so proud of their diligent efforts in revising.

We have been madly mixing together chemicals and conducting science investigations.  Ask your child to explain to you the evidences of a chemical reaction.
Next Friday (December 7) we will have a culminating activity for our chemistry unit.
We are asking for a 50-cent donation so we can buy ingredients to make fudge.  The question of the day is: Is this a chemical or physical change? 

The last day of school before Christmas vacation will be Friday 21st.  School will resume again on January 7th.

We have a new student.  Welcome Caleb!

Birthday Greetings to Emily and Jake! 

Thanks for all the effort you put into your child's education.  I am grateful for your support.

--Jeanne Payne

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