Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

It was so good to meet with you at SEPs and discuss the progress of your children.   Please know that you can contact me any time with your concerns.


Wednesday, October 9th:  Book Orders due
Thursday October 10th:     Picture Retakes

Friday, October 11th:       Volcano Explosion Day.  Students can bring their volcanoes when they come to school, or you can bring it later.  We will begin the eruptions at 2:00 on the playground (south of school), and you are invited to come watch.  Bring your camera.  After each child has set off his/her volcano, you can take him home (if you'd like).

Monday, October 14th:        Newsletter & Progress Report will go home with your child.
Tuesday, October 15th:        All work for first term is due!
                                            Book Projects are due
Wednesday, October 16th:  End of term & Worker's Holiday (for those who earned it).
Thursday, October 17th:       Fall Recess  (Have fun!)
Tuesday, October 22nd:       School resumes

On November 7th, we will walk to the Heritage Center and listen to the CCMA violin concert by Jenny Oaks Baker.  We will leave the school at 10:30 AM and return by 12:15.  We will adjust our school lunch schedule.

Science:  On November 8th (Friday), Gateway Discovery will spend the morning with our 5th grade classes and give students hands on chemistry activities for our new science unit on Physical and Chemical Changes.  They won't want to miss this!

Reading:  Our first Book Project is due on Tuesday (15th).  This one will be a "Poster Book Report".  I gave each student a yellow assignment sheet which explains the requirements.  Some students are working on this project when they have extra time in class.  This project can be about any book in any genre, as long as it was read this school year.    

Writing:  I am thrilled with the talent this class exhibits in writing.  They are willing to work hard on their writing, and that is the secret to success.  Ask your child to show you the site, www.utahwrite.com and how we use it to score our writing projects.   Students can use that site to practice writing at home.

Math:  I am so proud of these students for persevering when the math became more difficult!  More is expected now, and these students are delivering.   They are learning to think more deeply about the process--not just the final answer.  Thank you for helping with this at home.  We will finish this chapter of long division by Friday and take the chapter test before the fall recess.

Spelling:  I don't post the words on this site, but I send words home each Monday.  This last test was a difficult one for all of the spelling groups.   Only a few students achieved a score of 80% or above.   Please encourage your child to study words at home.

Social Studies:  American Revolution Unit will come to an exciting end this week.

Thanks for sharing your children with me this year!
  I'll see you in the volcano eruption circle this Friday.
                  --Jeanne Payne

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