Thursday, August 21, 2014

September 2014

Welcome to 5th grade!

It was good to meet you at Back to School Night.  It will take me awhile to learn which parents go with which students, so please be patient if I ask who your child is.  There are a few things I didn't have time to tell you when we met, so here they are:

Math-- Math will be relatively easy for those who know their times tables.  For those who don't, school can get pretty hard.   This is one of my biggest concerns.  Parents, please help your child at home, if s/he is still struggling with these facts.  

Students will take home the small practice book whenever they have math homework.  This is due the next morning.   Also, if your child is spending more than 30 (or so) minutes on homework, please let me know.    
Spelling--I gave a spelling assessment the first week of school to help me determine where to begin our spelling program.  For the first few months of school, I will send home word lists of basic 5th grade words (the most used words by 5th graders).    I will add our math vocabulary to them.  Later in the year student lists will include Greek/Latin roots.

Science field trip-- We will travel to an extinct volcano on Cedar Mountain, explore Mammoth Caves (by Navajo Lake), and hike the Alpine Loop Trail at Cedar Breaks.  I've had a couple of parents contact me and offer to chaperone.  I'd love to have more.  This will be September 22.  We will leave at 9:00 and return by 3:15.

Orchestra--So far I have three students signed up for orchestra (about 20 from all the 5th grades).  We are hoping that more will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.   Although Mrs. Neumann has begun orchestra, she will still accept students.  Your child can pick up a form from me and return it to me.

School Messages-- If you didn't already sign up for Smiths (online), so our school can receive money each time you purchase items, please do that.   Also, we encourage you to sign up to receive PTA messages on your phone or email.  To receive messages via text, enter this number:  435-238-4868 and text this message:  @southel.   This will allow you to receive reminders on important issues or events at our school.   You should find these instructions in your PTA orange folder that was sent home.

School pictures and our Back to School Bash are both on Monday, Sept 8.

If you need to get hold of me (before or after school, or during lunch time), you can call my cell phone:  590-4755.  If you need me during school, please call the office.  I carry my phone with me on all field trips and outings, so that I can get hold of you, if necessary.

I have a great bunch of students who are willing and eager to learn.   We are all on the same team in helping your students succeed, so I hope you feel you can call or email me.  Thanks for sharing your children with me.  I love teaching, and I know this will be a great year!

                                         --Jeanne Payne  (

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