Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 2014

Here's what's happening this month:

   13th--look online at your child's progress report, using the password I gave  you at SEP Conferences.  This will be the last one for this first term, and it will be paperless.  Your child can let me know if you will need a hard copy sent home.  If your child has an 80% or higher, and if all assignments are turned in, s/he will be able to attend Worker's Holiday on October 15.

   10th--Book Orders are due, if you would like to turn in an order.
   13th--Book Projects are due.  This date is different.  I changed it because I will be gone
on Friday.  Please ask your child if s/he needs assistance with this.  The guidelines are on a purple sheet of paper, given to them a couple of weeks ago.
   14th--All work is due for this term, including the second book report.
   15th--Worker's Holiday (morning)
   15th--Volcano Day (12:25-1:30).  I hope you read the letter I gave you at SEPs.  Remember, you
             are invited to come and watch the explosions.
   15th--End of first term
   29th--Reflections Contest entries are due.  You can find the entry forms and rules at this site:
The categories are:  3D Art, Dance/Choreography, Literature, Visual Arts, Film Production,
Photography, Music Composition

November 7th--Maturation program  (boys @ 1:00 PM, and girls @ 2:00 PM).  You may take your child home with you afterward.

I will begin Literature Groups on A Days, after Fall Recess.  They will be on A Days, because I have two CHS students who can each help run a group.  I would love to have some of you parents help with this.  Please let me know.  The times will be 10:15-10:45.  Let me know if you are interested, and I'll contact you with the days.  

Patriot Award:  Students are working on a patriotic packet, memorizing important facts, speeches, songs, etc., about the United States of America.  If they can pass off all the requirements in this packet, they will earn a patriotic award at the end of May.  Some of them are off and running with this challenging endeavor.  Ask them about this.

We are coming close to the end of our Revolutionary War Unit, and will begin learning about the Constitution and our nation's government, after the Fall Recess.  This is such a valuable unit!  I wish every American could review this information.  Remember to ask your child what s/he learns each day.

I loved meeting with you at SEPs!  It's always fun for me to see where my students come from.  They are great kids, and you are doing a good job teaching and training them.  Please continue to help with math, and encouraging the daily reading.

And, as always, you are welcome to email me your concerns, or drop in our classroom.

Thank you!
Jeanne Payne


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