Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014

Coming Up...

I am requiring that each student enter a writing piece in the Reflections Contest.   Each student should have taken home the writing that was completed in class.  That writing needs to be attached to the PTA form (signed by you and filled out by the student) and returned to me by Tuesday, October 28.
If students have a piece of writing they would rather enter, they can enter that instead.  

The form can be printed from the PTA website: 
Or, you can have your child get a form from me.

Our spelling words are words that are derived from Greek/Latin Roots.  There are ten words in the list, but I allow students who want an extra challenge to add more words to their list.  

Lists for the next few weeks:

October 23-31:
   *Roots:  (tri- three; quad- four;  quint- five; pent- five)  
trident   trilogy   pentagon   tricycle   triad   triangle   quadrant   quartet   quintet   triathlon

November 3-7:
   *Roots:  (dec/deca-ten;  deci-one tenth;  cent- hundred/hundredth)
decapod   decimal   decade   centipede   century   centimeter   percent   cent   centennial   decibel

November 10-14:
   *Roots:  (ped- foot/feet;  pod- foot/feet;  manu- hand)
centipede   manual   pedal   podium   manager   pedestrian   tripod   mandate   peddle   pedometer

Reading Challenge:
      I have attached a letter that will be coming home tomorrow.  I would like you to discuss this with your child and come up with a challenging goal.  I have had conversations with  teachers who expect their students to read forty books during the school year, and they have found that their students rise to the challenge, and most of them achieve this goal.  A few do not, but even those who do not reach the 40 mark, have been able to read at least 20 books.   The benefits for their students have been huge.  I believe that every student can read at least 20.  Please read the letter, sign, and return it.  

Literature Circles:
     I am beginning literature circles, and would love a few more parents to run a reading group.  If this interests you, please contact me.  These will be on "A" days at 10:00 -10:45.  Our first session will be these dates:
Monday, October 27th;  Friday, October 31st;  Tuesday, November 4th;  Thursday, November 6th;
Monday, November 10th;  Friday, November 14th; Tuesday, November 18th; Thursday, November 20th.  

   We are taking the Landforms Test on Friday (24th), then beginning our unit on Electricity.  If you have extra D batteries you'd like to contribute, we could use more.

Social Studies:
    I'm planning on giving the Revolutionary War Test on Monday, (27th).

   Thanks for your support.  Please contact me with your concerns, input or questions.

                        --Sincerely, Jeanne Payne

Reading Challenge Letter (this will be going home with your students)

Dear awesome readers,

I am giving you a challenge.   I just finished reading an inspiring book about reading, and how very important reading is in helping you succeed in school and for the rest of your life.  Did you know that reading A LOT helps you get better at spelling?    And that reading A LOT increases your vocabulary?   Reading A LOT also helps you become a better writer.
And the better you can read, the better you will understand math, science, social studies, and pretty much every other subject!    Pretty amazing that one skill can make such a huge difference.   Truthfully, I already knew all this, and I believe that you can do more than you are doing!    
So, my challenge to you is:  DOUBLE YOUR READING,  DOUBLE YOUR GOAL.
If your goal is to read eight books and earn the Judicial Award, I want you to double that and go for sixteen books!   If your goal is the Congressional Award, push yourself and try for twenty-four.  Freedom Award?  Go for forty!   That sounds like a lot, but I know you can do it.  
Here’s the trade-off:  Double your reading goal, and you won’t have to fill out any more Home Reading Planners or fill out any more Book Reports.  Deal?   I still expect you to read thirty minutes each night at home, but you won’t need to fill out the planner.  You will also read more in class.  I will know that you are reading because we will meet together often and talk about your book.   I will expect you to write me a letter once a week about your book.  You will do this in your Reading Response Journal, and I will show you how.
Please have a parent read and sign this, so that I know s/he is aware of my challenge to you.  
Sincerely, Mrs. Payne

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