Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 11, 2015

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that 4th Term is here already.  Following are some events you will want to calendar:

Friday 13th--End of 3rd Term
Monday 16th--All work must be turned in, including the Great
    American Hero Information Sheet and the Science Expo
    Registration Form
Friday 20th--Worker’s Holiday
Friday 27th--Science Expo (displays in the gym)
Wednesday 1st-3rd--Spring Break (no school)
Friday 10th--Musical Production, “Honk! Jr.”

     Please look on PowerSchool and view your child’s progress report.  All missing assignments must be turned in by Monday (16th) in order to attend Worker’s Holiday..  Remember, s/he must also have 80% or higher.   Those students who earn this Worker’s Holiday will go swimming at the Aquatic Center on Friday 20th..  We will ride the bus there at 12:30, then will walk back   The cost will be $3 (or a swim pass).  
      We have students who will be performing in “Honk! Jr.”, the Utah Shakespeare Playmaker’s production of the Ugly Duckling.   We’d love to attend this on April 10th.  It will cost each student $1 to attend.  We need to pay for all the students when we enter the Randall Jones Theater, so we are asking that you send the $1 to school (anytime within the next few weeks. would be great).  We will walk there and back.
    The Science Expo is the next big project.  We’d love to answer your questions if you have any.  We hope your child knows what s/he wants to do.  

Thank you for your support.   We say that in every letter, but we really appreciate you!  We are a team,, and we couldn’t be as effective without your support.
        Sincerely,  Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Little

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