Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Dear Parents,

We are off to a great start for 4th quarter.  We are excited to have your child present what s/he has learned from doing his/her science project.  The students will be presenting their findings to the classes this Friday, March 27 during the morning.  They will display their projects in the gym from 2:00-3:00 in the afternoon.  You are welcome to take them home (kids and projects) at 3:00, if you wish.

The last day to order a South Elementary Yearbook is this Friday.  Just send $12.00 in an envelope, labeled yearbook.  Add your child's name and teacher and we'll see that it gets to the PTA.

We need your child to find and PRINT a picture of their Great American Hero, and bring it to school by Monday, 30th, so that we can begin drawing it in our art class with Mrs. Davis.  These drawings will be pencil sketches, so colored pictures are not needed.  They just need to be big enough to see details.  If you'd rather, you can send it to me and I can print it here at school.

Also, be thinking about what costume your children will need as they dress up as their famous American for our end of year program on May 19.  Make-up is fine, but please do not paint faces to change skin colors.

Have a Happy Easter!  There will be no school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week (April 1-3).  School resumes on Monday, 6th.

We will be walking to the SUU Auditorium on Friday, April 10, to watch Honk! Jr., Playmaker's Spring Production.  We have asked that students donate $1 to cover the cost of the ticket.  Most of our students have already paid this.  Thank you.

We are working hard in class, and good attendance is so vital!  We are still learning many new things, and will also start reviewing the things we have been learning all year.  We will be taking our end-of-year tests, starting in late April.  We should be able to give you our schedule for testing in the next newsletter on April 15.

We want to encourage students to READ.   [Note: This newsletter was written by Mrs. Williams, but I, Mrs. Payne, want to say how very pleased I am with the reading my students are doing.   I am so proud of my students and how they are filling up the Revolution Reading Chart with stickers!  Remember, the Reading Response Journals are due today-- and every Wednesday.)

Our 5th Grade Battle of the Books will be on May 8th.

Thank you so much for the great support that you give us and your children.  We love teaching your children and cannot believe how quickly this year has gone.

                                      Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little, and Mrs. Payne

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