Wednesday, January 27, 2016

JANUARY 27, 2016
Dear Parents,
    Sorry that the Snow Day we had planned for Worker’s Holiday from last quarter, hasn’t worked out yet.  We thought we would have had some snow by now, but the sun keeps showing itself, so we will be doing an alternate activity this Friday in place of it, unless it happens to snow in the next two days. If there is snow on the ground tomorrow or Friday have your child come prepared for the Snow Day activity, but if it stays sunny and nice, we will be having a Game Activity for the students on Friday.  Students will bring in games they would like to play from home, and they will enjoy these games with other students who also made Worker’s Holiday. Electronics are fine to bring, but the students have to be responsible for them.
    The students were given a list of words for the Spelling Bee which is coming up on Monday, February 8th.  They will be given a pre-test tomorrow on these words, to see if they qualify for the Spelling Bee.  All students are required to take the pre-test.  The top three students in each class will be nominated to be in the Spelling Bee.   If these students choose not to be a participant in the Spelling Bee, then they can opt out.  Please have your child look over the list tonight, so they can do well on the pre-test tomorrow.  The pre-test will go on their grade.
    Please ask your child for his/her Kite Flight calendar that your child will be receiving soon.  This is an easy and fun way for our school to earn money.  The students are required to read every night anyway, so you can add their minutes to the Kite Flight calendar.  Keep this calendar in a safe place until April when you will turn it into the Kite Flight people.  Your child will receive a free kite or book, and our school will receive money toward items we need for our school.
    Remember SEP week is next week.  We look forward to visiting with you about your child’s progress.  If you haven’t sent back the SEP form indicating whether or not you can make your SEP time, please make sure to do that in the next couple days.  Remember that school lets out at 2:30 all week next week, even on early out Wednesday. Your child will be registering for 6th grade next week.  S/he will need to choose orchestra, band, or art/music appreciation.  The instrument your child wants to play will need to be listed.  We have sent home information booklets about orchestra and band.
    The BOOK FAIR is also next week.  It is buy one get one free.
    We will be going to the STEAM festival at the Heritage Center on Fri., Feb. 12.  We will ride a bus over first thing in the morning and walk back to school in time for lunch.  (This time may change, but we'll let you know). We will celebrate Valentine’s Day during the afternoon. A class list will be sent home.
    There is no school on Mon. Feb.15.
    We appreciate all the help and support you have given us this year.  Thanks for all that you do.

                                                                      Mrs. Little, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Williams

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