Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016 Update

5th Grade Newsletter
February 17, 2016
Thank you so much for attending parent-teacher conferences.  We enjoyed meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress. If your child has not turned in his/her 6th grade registration form, we need it by Friday.
We are already at mid-term for third quarter.  We will be having a Worker’s Holiday this Friday, February 19 in the afternoon.  This will be a movie.  Students may wear PJ’s if they want, and bring a few healthy snacks. They may bring a blanket or pillow to make a comfortable spot. They will be able to choose between two Family Feature films.  All missing work is due tomorrow Thurs., Feb. 18 in order to earn Worker’s Holiday.  Students must have an 80% overall total, and have their Famous American reports turned in, to earn Worker’s Holiday.  All students were given a missing assignments report at the end of last week.  Those not earning Worker’s Holiday, will be able to work on missing assignments during this activity in another room.  Please note that students who turn in “late work” will NOT be receiving full credit on that work.  This will be for all students on all assignments for the remainder of the year.
Students can begin figuring out a costume for their Famous American,  so that it won’t be hectic in May.  Students have been told that they are NOT to paint their skin a different color to indicate race, although regular make-up is fine to help define their character.  Each student will get a script, with a part to memorize, in April.  Further information will be sent as this gets closer.
We are not having a “science fair” this year, but will be doing a SCIENCE SHARE FAIR.  Students will not be judged, but will present their project in class and then possibly set it up in the gym to share with others.  We will be talking about the different types of projects that they can do in science class and information about this will be sent home fairly soon.  These will be due at the end of March.  Being able to present scientific information is a 5th grade standard, so this will be required for all students.
If you have not sent the permission for your child to participate, or not participate in Mrs. Bassett’s presentation about the choking game, please do so.  If a letter is not returned your child will not be able to participate.
If your child is interested in winning a $100 tuition scholarship for “Art, Music, & Me” Kids Summer Camp this summer s/he can write a one page paper on why s/he wants to attend the camp, how s/he feels about the arts, etc. The paper should include what potential the student has in either music, dance, drama, or visual arts. It will be at SUU from June 13-18.  We need the application entry turned in by Mon., Feb. 29.                             
The next newsletter will be posted on Wed., March  2.  We don’t have school the week of March 7-11. We are off for Spring Break.  The students do NOT have to make up the “snow day”. The state interim superintendent made the decision to require teachers make up the day, but not students and support personnel.
        Please sign the orange verification slip stating that you have read this letter and checked Power School, and return it with your child.
Thank you for your support,
Mrs. Williams, Mrs.Little, & Mrs. Payne

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