Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016

5th Grade Newsletter
March 2, 2016
Coming up:
 March 4-  Mrs. Payne’s book projects due
7-11-Spring Break
14-   Yearbook art due
15-   YBTC Challenge
22-   2nd book report due(Williams/Little)
23-   next print-out/ newsletter
24-   Spring Pictures
25-   End of Term/ possible Worker’s Holiday
25-   Forms due for Science Share Fair
    April 1-   Science Share Fair

Attached is a letter explaining our Science Share Fair (formerly called Science and Engineering Expo). This will take place on the afternoon of Friday, April 1st.  Parents, you are invited to come to our 5th grade classrooms on this day (April 1) from 2:45-3:15 to look at the projects.  You may take your child home with you at 3:15.  Please read the letter so that you can guide your child in selecting an appropriate project. Be aware that students will choose only one of the following three science projects: Experiment, Invention, or Research Project.  Details are in the letter.  
The form must be returned by March 25th.
     We hope you are on the lookout for a costume for your child to wear in our American Heroes Program coming up in May.  Let us know if you run into problems.  We teachers are especially excited about this program and are spending our early mornings writing the script.
We are closing in on our Civil War Unit, and will begin learning about the World Wars and the Great Depression. For Science, Mrs. Little/William’s classes are learning about magnets, and Mrs. Payne is beginning the heredity unit.
Students are reading and writing every day, and increasing their literary skills so they can ace the SAGE test coming up the first of April.   
We appreciate your help and encouragement at home, both on daily math assignments and on special projects. If your child is behind, please administer a little tough love, if necessary, so s/he can catch up.  

Thanks for your continued support here at school.  We feel lucky to have parents like you on our team!

                  Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Williams

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