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April 6, 2016

5th Grade Newsletter April 6, 2016
Dear Parents,
Thanks for helping your children with their science projects.  We have some great thinkers in our 5th grade this year.  
We will be giving your child a script for the Great American program on April 20, with our next blog update.  Keep looking for an appropriate costume for your child’s character.  We also need a few instrumental music solos for our program.  We are needing (hopefully): “Yankee Doodle”, “New York, New York”, (or another movie tune), “Stars and Stripes Forever”, “Home on The Range”, and a classical type piece.  If your child would like to do one of these, have them let us know and we can have him/her audition for the number. We would like these solos selected before April 20.
We are continuing to learn many new things, so attendance is really important.  Our testing schedule was sent home on a bright red paper last week, and it is also listed on the calendar below. Your child will be in the best situation by taking the test with the whole class at the scheduled times.
5th Grade Calendar
Ready, set, hang on!!  We will try our best to inform you of upcoming events as soon as we are able.  April and May get pretty crazy!   So far……….
  • Mon. Apr. 11--Junie B. Jones, SUU Playmaker's Performance (Mrs. Payne's class)
  • Wed., Apr. 20--Newsletter/progress report
  • Thurs., Apr. 28-TESTING (morning)
  • Fri., Apr. 29- TESTING (afternoon)
  • Mon., May 2-TESTING (morning)
  • Tues., May 3-TESTING (morning)
  • Wed. May 4- Newsletter/progress report
  • Thurs., May 5-TESTING (morning)/-Reading Celebration (afternoon)
  • Thurs., May 12-Battle of the Books(5th grade-morning) We need parent help.
  • Fri., May 13- Orchestra concert @ 1:30
  • Mon., May16--Field Trip to Zion ($3.00 for the movie)
  • Tues., May 17--ALL books read and written about for Reading Revolution/ program practice in the afternoon
  • Wed., May 18-costume check (Bring in costume for Great American play.)
  • Thurs., May 19-Tour of the Middle School (We walk back.) Judicial Reading Award (sundaes) in the afternoon/Cedar Middle School Spring Open House from 5:30 - 7:30 (You will be able to pick up a class schedule for next year.)
  • Fri.., May 20-- program practice in the morning/ Congressional Reading Award (movie/popcorn) in the afternoon/Final Newsletter/ progress report
  • Mon., May 23-- Presidential Reading Reward (Breakfast in the Park)/
          program practice in the afternoon
  • Tues., May 24--Famous American 5th Grade Program @ 10:00 for K-3 & 2:00 for 4th grade and parents
  • Wed.,May 25-Worker’s Holiday (Tent Day)
  • Thurs., May 26--Track and Field Day for 4th & 5th grade @ CHS  (We need parent volunteers this day.) Students need a white t-shirt (new or old) to color for a final art project with Mrs. Davis, at the end of the day.
  • Fri., May 27--Last day of school/ Dismissal at 2:30
Thank you for your continued support.
     Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little, & Mrs. Payne

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