Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 16, 2016

 5th Grade Newsletter
November 16, 2016

Coming Up:
  Friday, November 18- All work due
  Friday, November 18- Read-a-thon, Mrs. Payne’s class
  Tuesday, November 22-Worker’s Holiday
  Tuesday, November 22-Maturation Program
  Wednesday, November 23-Thanksgiving Holiday
  Monday, November 28-Back to School

         WORKER’S HOLIDAY will be for those students who have turned in ALL assignments and have earned 80% or higher.  On Tuesday 22 (morning) these students will watch a family feature video. They may bring a few treats to eat during the video and a pillow or blanket to sit on. Those who don’t earn this activity will use the time to catch up on assignments.
MATURATION PROGRAMS will be in the afternoon of Tuesday at 2:30. Boys will be in the gym and girls will be in the library. Generally, mom attends with her daughter and dad attends with his son.  However, there are students who attend by themselves or sit with a friend’s parent. (It is ok for moms or dads to attend either program.)  You may take your child home with you after the presentation.
Our students are busily honing their writing skills. We would love it if you could sit down with your child and help him/her with an essay s/he is working on. You can access it on and Utah Compose anywhere there is Internet. Each student has an account.  
We have been learning how to multiply with decimals in math. Please make sure your children are prepared with math homework so they don’t fall behind or miss daily important concepts.

We appreciate your help in and out of our classrooms. Thanks for supporting our efforts in educating your children. Supportive parents make our jobs more rewarding!
     Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little

**Please sign the red verification form stating that you have read this letter and checked your child’s grades.  The next blog up-date will be on Wed., Dec. 7.

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