Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7, 2016


Dear Parents,
Time seems to move quickly.  2nd term ends on Dec. 21.  We will send the final 2nd term printout and update the blog on TUES., Dec. 20.  We will have our Worker’s Holiday when we return in January. Information will be in the Dec. 20 newsletter.  All work for 2nd term should be in by Dec. 21, but we will accept it until Tues, Jan. 3. Students who are all caught up can relax and enjoy the break!  We do of course want them to keep reading.
     We will have individual class Christmas parties on Wednesday, December 21 in the morning.  Mrs. Payne’s class will play group games and watch a short Christmas movie.  If you’d like to send a treat for her class, you are welcome to do so.  Since this is a Wednesday, we will let out at 1:30.  Our orchestra will be playing a few songs (5-7 minutes) at the beginning of the school sing on Tues., Dec. 20 @ 10:30.
The second book report, for 2nd term, for Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Little’s  classes will be due by Fri. Dec. 16.  Mrs. Payne’s students will be sharing their book projects for 2nd term on Dec. 21 and 22. Information will come home today.  Hopefully students will take the opportunity to read a lot during the Christmas break, and work on extra book reports for the Reading Revolution Awards that will be given at the end of the year. Remember that it will take many more than two books each quarter to earn the fun rewards in May.
We also need students to practice typing skills.  The writing tests are much less stressful for the students who feel confident typing.  They can type stories, letters to Grandma, or whatever they want.  We will be sending typing practice sheets home on Wednesdays, starting in January.
LOST AND FOUND will be donated to Deseret Industry after Dec. 21.  It is quite full; are you missing anything?
Please make sure your child is dressed warm enough for this cold weather, because we do spend some time outside most days.
Our last day before Christmas is Wed., Dec. 21.  We return to school on Tues., Jan.3.  
We appreciate the great support we receive from parents.
Thank you,
Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Little, & Mrs. Payne
P.S.  Please look for the bright red verification slip to sign, stating that you have read this newsletter and have looked at your child’s grade on Power School.

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