Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Comes in Like a Lion...

This month brings us closer to spring!  That's something to celebrate.

My students completed the DWA (Direct Writing Assessment) on Tuesday, and I was so impressed with the serious effort they put forth.  They definitely stayed in the struggle.
Five students even worked through lunch.  We brought their lunches to them, so they could continue until they were happy with their final product.  I was so proud of all of them.  I won't know the results of the test for several months (you may even have to wait until their 6th grade teachers give you the scores), but I walked around the room reading over their shoulders, and I almost laughed out loud--with joy.   I know that most of them will achieve a high score.  

SEP conferences will begin Monday, March 4.  I'm eager to visit with each of you again.  If you didn't see an SEP schedule, please look in your child's backpack or contact me.   I still haven't heard back from some of you.   At SEP's we will register your child for 6th grade.  Please come prepared to make a choice in band, orchestra, or arts.  Arts consists of one half year of visual art and one half year of art/music appreciation.  Remember, school ends at 2:30 every day that week.

The spelling bee was last week, and we are proud of Hannah and Jake, who represented our class.
Despite the difficulty of the words, they stood up with dignity and did a great job.  I'm sure I couldn't have spelled many of those words. 

We enjoyed a presentation on electricity from Wattsmart.  This was a great kickoff to our current electricity unit.    This company will give our class $50 for supplies if everyone brings back the electricity survey we sent home.  Please sit down with your child and fill this out together.  Thanks.

We are now learning about complete circuits, conductors, and insulators in science.   I love this unit!
In social studies, we've moved past the Civil War and will be learning about
World War I and 2.  Some of these students are avid history scholars already.  I loved seeing all the Civil War projects come in.  Outstanding work.

I hope your child has been serenading you with the harmonica:)  One student told me that his bus driver outlawed harmonica playing on the bus.  I laughed, thinking about that poor driver.  Thanks for your patience in their learning process.  We will perform in Arts Night in April, then again in our Memorial Day Program in May.

Miss Hartline is my new student teacher.  She comes from Bullfrog and has spent her life around Lake Powell.    I'm happy to have her in our classroom.  I can see already that she will be a great asset in our class during the next five weeks.

March 4-8--SEP Conferences
March 11--Spring Pictures
March 13--Book orders due
March 14, 15--School musical
March 15--3rd Term Ends
March 21--Science Fair
March 27-29--Spring Break (no school)

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