Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 2013 April showers bring May flowers...

April is filled with a lot of reviewing to prepare students for the End of Level Test.  Please make sure your child is here every day, if possible.  At this time of the year, one day of being absent is one day of precious learning gone.  We teachers are honing in on the most important concepts students need to remember to succeed on the End of Level Tests coming up.

Speaking of End of Level Tests, this is the schedule for our class:

Monday, April 29 10:00-11:30  Language Arts Test
Thursday, May 2   9:00-1030    Language Arts Test
Friday, May 3        1:00-3:30    Science Tests
Thursday, May 9   9:00-11:00   Math Test
Monday, May 13   10-11:45     Math Test

We sent home progress reports and a newsletter Wednesday, 3rd.  Notice that our class is performing our harmonicas at Arts Night.  This begins at 6:30.  If you can have your child there at 6:20, we will meet in our classroom and run through the songs before we go onstage.  Please have your child wear a white t-shirt and blue jeans.  I have a bandanna they will wear with that.  I understand, if your child has another commitment and cannot attend.   I am awarding extra credit points for all students who do participate (whether with our class or by themselves).

We are excited to welcome Discovery Gateway (chemistry outreach program) in our classroom on Wednesday, April 17.  It will be fun to get our hands on the test tubes again.   We also have a guest coming to talk to us about the Vietnam War on April 19th.  By then, we will have finished learning about World War 2, and the Korean War.

Students here at South are trying to accumulate 1,000,000 reading minutes, so they can see Mr. Oldroyd kiss a pig.  This will happen on May 20 during our Reading Celebration.  Keep reading!

Please encourage your students to take Utips tests at home.  These tests help load students with those concepts they need to review and remember.   They need to pass fifteen of these tests so they can participate in the root beer float party in May.   We are taking Utips tests at school whenever we find the time, but most of the tests will need to be done at home.

Miss Hartline will be leaving us next Wednesday, and we hate to see her go!  She has taken over  teaching this past week, and your students have been in good hands.  We wish her the best of luck in her future teaching career.  She will make a great teacher.

Dates to know about:

Monday, April 8--Arts Night, 6:30   (Meet in classroom at 6:20, so we can get prepared).
Wednesday, April 10--Miss Hartline's last day  
Thursday, April 11--CMS open house, 6-8 PM  (No schedules will be given out, just to help
                           students become familiar with the building.  We are planning to take our
                      students there in May to tour the facility.  They may have schedules then).
Friday, April 26--Practice Test (Make sure you are in school)
April 29-13--End of Level Testing  (Get lots of sleep and healthy food!)
May 13--Last day to turn in Reading Revolution book reports
Tuesday, May 14--Field Trip to Zion
Friday, May 15-- Wax Museum 
May 16--Battle of the Books
May 20 Reading Celebration

There are many more activities in May, but those details will be in next month's blog update.

Have I told you lately what a high caliber group of students I have this year?  They are exceptional young people, and you can pat yourselves on the back for that.  Thanks for sharing them with me!


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