Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May flowers...and crazy events ahead!

        End of Level Testing is going well.  Thank you for sending your child to school well fed and rested.  It is too late now to take Language Arts and Science Utips Tests, since we have taken the LA and Science End of Level tests.  Students can still take Math Utips tests until Thursday morning,
May 9.  Please help them set aside the time to take these tests.    Students will perform much better on the "real" thing, if they do the practice tests.  Thanks!

        You saw the letter we sent home last week, so you know what a crazy schedule we have in May.
Just a few reminders:

Wednesday, May 7--Orchestra Concert, 6 PM at the Cedar Middle School
Thursday, May 8    --End of Level Math Test #1, 9:00 AM
Monday, May 13   --End of Level Math Test #2, 10:00 AM
                              --Root Beer Float Party

Tuesday, May 14--   ZION FIELD TRIP (We love a few parents to chaperone)

Wednesday, May 15--WAX MUSEUM, 9:30-11:00 (Parents, come and tour before 10:45.   Please do not take your kids home afterward, since we will be having our Reading Awards Ceremony right after lunch).

Wednesday, May 15--Reading Awards Ceremony (Reading Revolution Book Club)
Thursday, May 16   --Battle of the Books
                                --Judicial Award:  Ice Cream Sundaes!
Friday, May 17       --Tour of Cedar Middle School (9:00 AM)
                               -- Congressional Award:  Movie & Popcorn

Monday, May 20    --Presidential Award:  Breakfast in the Park (9:00-11:00)
                                --Reading Celebration (sponsored by the PTA)
Tuesday, May 21    --Field Day/Soccer Game  (5th graders vs. teachers)
Wednesday, May 22--Worker's Holiday, Tent Day

Thursday, May 23   --Memorial Day Program, 2:00 PM  (10:00 for K-3)
                                   We hope you can attend.  This is our 5th grade Patriotic Program, and we have
                                  learned songs we know you will enjoy.

Friday, May 24      --Harmonica Serenade (We'll walk around the school and neighborhood, and perform for everyone who will listen!)
                              --Last Day of School  (class awards, games, clean, sign yearbooks)

       Have I told you lately what an outstanding group of students I have?   Thank you for sharing your most precious "possessions" with me--your children.   I have watched them grow throughout the past nine months, and I have grown to love them.   I feel like they are my second family.  I have given all my energies to building them academically, and I hope they have grown in character, as well.

       I feel I have also gained friends in you.  Thank you for supporting me and making this a wonderful year.     Now-- are you ready for Cedar Middle School?

          Thanks again,
        --Jeanne Payne

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